Occupy! Resist!

For those who haven’t already heard, 84 Great Eastern Street has been occupied. The arts and culture venue, formerly known as “The Foundry” was originally squatted many years ago before getting a liscense and going ‘legit’ – until recently, when it was (very quietly) moved on to make way for a luxury art hotel. As if the area wasn’t full of wankers enough already!

In response to this, a crew of anarchists, ex-workers and squatters decided to take the building back from the rich and bring it under the control of those who can actually do something useful with it.

And so, the 84 Great Eastern Street squatted social centre was born!

There has already been a successful free café there last saturday, film nights there tonight (tuesday) and thursday night (a whole night of riot porn, definitely the author’s entertainment pick of the week), a gig tomorrow (wednesday) and a crafts weekend and skillshare coming up on saturday & sunday.
The building is in an excellent spot, looks better inside than when it was a rented space (less trendy squat-chic and more…well…. nice squat) and wont be there for long. Open meetings are held regularly if you want to get involved or put an event on. Get down there and make the most of it whilst you can!!!

Read their blog here and their communiqué here.

84 Great Eastern Street (off the east side of Old Street)
London EC2A 3JL

Nearest Tubes/Trains: Old Street, Liverpool Street


2 responses to “Occupy! Resist!

  1. Link to communiqué is dead.

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