Red & Black Club

Come join the inaugural Red & Black Club hosted by Dissident Island Radio and Whitechapel Anarchist Group as a traditional east end knees up for all anarchists, libertarians, radicals and free thinkers – please bring flags and banners to decorate the walls with!

Everyone welcome – this FRIDAY 21ST MAY 8pm onwards – and will be happening every third friday of the month. London Action Resource Centre 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel E1 1ES. A regular social spot to hang out with like minded individuals.


3 responses to “Red & Black Club

  1. proud to be an anarchist

    great events, wicked video.
    Keep up the great work comrades.

  2. Check out the show broadcast at the inaugural Red n Black club here:

    Check it,

  3. Oh yes, ‘eric blair’-I have never been called a ‘pointy head’ before. Coming from you, I consider it a complement !

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