May round up

Well what a packed few weeks! Our public meeting on Thursday 31st April was heaving with an attendance of 41 people, half of whom who had never been at an anarchist meeting, and we had speakers from groups including Hackney, Haringey, Action East End, Camden and Ramparts. The Mayday march on the 1st May was typical of a british mayday march – trots, stalinists, leninists etc – and the swoop into parliament square was well facilitated by the police. There was a large anarchist turn out and a merry time was had by all back at Freedom Bookshop in the evening.

Remember Altab Ali on May 2nd was up against the elements as it poured down with rain but people still braved it to listen to the speakers. Video courtesy of LINKBANGLA.

On May 4th flowers were laid and this time weather was on our side!

A couple of members from Whitechapel Anarchist Group spoke at the rally including Martin Lux author of Anti-Fascist.

Then on May 6th to welcome in the election we held our Burn Your Ballot event. Check out some of the amazing photos HERE. Thanks to Demotix for those. WAG has recently had it’s second review of the year and is planning to hit the summer running with a new copy of our popular paper and plenty of exciting socials!! GET ACTIVE.


2 responses to “May round up

  1. hi comrade,

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    in Solidarety,


  2. Well done for this event.

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