Roll Up Roll Up

Whitechapel Anarchist Group Present a number of events over the next few days. Get involved and come along!!

THURSDAY 9TH APRIL 7:30PM PUBLIC MEETING – London Action Resource Centre 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel E1 1ES. ALL WELCOME. PLEASE COME ALONG. We have guest speakers including the legendary Pete Gold (watch the video from above) from the Wapping dispute, Glyn from the Hackney Solidarity Network and Debbie from the Ramparts Collective. There will be an open discussion on everything and anything – whatever you want!!

SATURDAY 1ST MAY 1PM CLERKENWELL GREEN marching to TRAFALGAR SQUARE. Fuck all the crazy Stalinists. Trots etc. Join the Anarchist Block!! As this is OUR day – remember the HAYMARKET MARTYRS.

SUNDAY 2ND MAY 2PM REMEMBER ALTAB ALI in Altab Ali Park. We have guest speakers including a friend who worked with him and was the last person to see him 20 minutes before he was murdered plus author Martin Lux talking about battling the National Front. Fuck all those that divide us as a class –  the BNP, NF, EDL, Al-Muhajiroun, Islam4UK, Respect, Tories, Labour etc etc. Lets unite as neighbours from all backgrounds and make sure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!!! United we stand, divided we fall.

THURSDAY 6TH MAY 2PM BURN YOUR BALLOT!! As advertised in The Evening Standard! Assemble in Altab Ali Park, bring drink, food, ballots and matches! There will be music, fun and frolics to be had. Don’t miss out.



3 responses to “Roll Up Roll Up

  1. EDL Anarchist

    Hope everyone had an eventful Mayday weekend.

    Anyone manage to get to any events?

  2. Did you? Manage to occupy any mosques? Whilst the country goes you ruin, with capitalism dominating every sphere on our lives, young women committing suicide ‘cos they can’t find work, young children being locked up in detention centres, and a barbaric war in Afghanistan. You lot piss about with muslims.

    What sickens me is the fact that you use our identity – yes ours not yours – as a justification to being involved with the E-E-E-DIOTS of the EDL.

    Your not an anarchists, otherwise you wouldn’t be in the EDL, so fuck off back and listen to your crass records. And if your fat Burhka wearing mate wants to issue threats from his mums bedsit, then please inform him of what a prick we think he is.


  3. Owwww A… oh me gye… (as we say back home)…how could you hurt the poor leedle edl @s feelings like that… don’t go and top yourself EDL @… LOL

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