RMT Stop the BNP Meeting

The RMT have organised a Stop the BNP meeting in Barking & Dagenham, Sunday April 11th 2010, 6:30, Barking Theatre.

Bob Crow, Billy Bragg and *maybe* Footballer John Terry will be speaking.

Whilst we’re obviously not a fan of Searchlight, union bosses or celebrities attempting a revival of their careers we think this meeting will be well worth attending. Organised working class communities are the biggest threat to the BNP – and there is no working class community in the East End (or in London as a whole) more divided by the BNP than in Barking and Dagenham.  The RMT are also pretty shit hot at the moment, with members ready to confront their bosses at every turn.

Come along!


One response to “RMT Stop the BNP Meeting

  1. The management of the Broadway Theatre have pulled the meeting so it will not be taking place inside the theatre – see here for details: http://www.bdpost.co.uk/content/barkinganddagenham/post/news/story.aspx?brand=BDPOnline&category=news&tBrand=northlondon24&tCategory=newsbdp&itemid=WeED08%20Apr%202010%2018%3A25%3A31%3A603

    However, the RMT still intend to go ahead with a rally outside the Broadway Theatre – see here for details: http://www.rmt.org.uk/Templates/Internal.asp?NodeID=134733&int1stParentNodeID=89731&int2ndParentNodeID=89763

    Should be an interesting evening…

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