Ian Tomlinson One Year On

This THURSDAY 1ST APRIL will mark one year since the death of Ian Tomlinson at the vicious hands of the Police.

Individuals from the Whitechapel Anarchist Group will be joining the Tomlinson family at Cornhill, by Threadneedle Street (Next to Bank Tube), to lay flowers at the spot of his death and observe a minutes silence.

Please turn up at 10:45 am for the minutes silence at 11:00 am. We should stress that this is NOT a political rally – so please don’t turn up with papers to sell or parties to build – and by this we mean the Social Worker Party who will be told to fuck off if they do. This is a day for the Tomlinson family. Please show your respects.

No doubt the Police will be there taking photo’s and monitoring “our” behaviour. A cynical individual would point out that no copper has even been charged. Well, they have been busy putting kids away in prison for throwing plastic bottles on Gaza demos. And cleaning the blood off their truncheons. How many deaths in police custody have never been resolved..? Hmmm… suspicious….


2 responses to “Ian Tomlinson One Year On

  1. Love and respect to the Tomlinson family. Rest assured this will not be forgotten.

  2. R.I.P. to a friend I never got the chance to meet. I was just around the corner when that happened. Wish I could make it down for the memorial.
    If you check the lyrics and images in the video below you would see how it’s relevant although it’s talking about JA not the UK.
    WARNING: contains graphic images which you may find upsetting (you should find em upsetting, actually).

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