Fifty Quid On Mr Wright

The big fight LIVE at SOAS: Anarchists versus Communists!!

The Kronstadt sailors, ukranian Makhnovist peasants and spanish CNT strikers will all be in attendance against the red menace!

In the RED CORNER – Communist Student member Chris Strafford.

In the BLACK CORNER – East end anti-fascist, nefarious nutter, gambler and spiritual guru to the Whitechapel Anarchist Group Mr. Martin Wright (aka Martin Lux).

WEDNESDAY 24TH MARCH 19:30-21:30 Room G52, Main Building, SOAS, Russel Square. This event is put on by the Communist Students.

All weapons to be left at the door. Though anarchists are warned to watch their backs for stab wounds.


6 responses to “Fifty Quid On Mr Wright

  1. See you there!

  2. cambridgeanarchist

    Right wing nutters spreading race hate
    Communist loonies who want a one party state
    Their extremist views are all too clear
    Commies and nazis you’re not wanted here
    Commies and nazis what a shower
    They only want to use you to grab themselves power
    But once they got it they don’t care about you
    Commies and nazis give ’em the boot!


    A fascist government you’re almost better off dead!
    And it would be much the same under the reds
    More police more laws more prisons and the draft
    That ain’t exactly my idea of a laugh
    And when there’s no fun no freedom no future
    Is marching round in jackboots really going to suit you
    Or going on your parade waving your red flag
    If you’re into that rubbish then you must be mad

  3. Is that Oi Polloi? Respect to those cats… wot a band… still break em out occasionally although I listen to 90% reggae and hip hop nowadays…
    As someone who grew up in a country divided between two nominally “socialist/communist” parties who hate one another’s guts and use race hate to divide the people (combining the principles of communism and fascism as outlined in the above lyrics… and all this without any white people involved, other than one thankfully deceased Chicago-an who married into the “vanguard party”), I must agree with those lyrics… does sound like Mr. Communist Student Union dude could perhaps be won over to the side of righteousness, though… should be an interesting debate, pity I can’t make it!

  4. Not trying to monopolize the discussion here, being a non-whitechapel resident… but I just had a glance at the full interview with Martin Wright and have to say that I agree with pretty much everything he says EXCEPT for his seeming to lump the Zapatistas in with Chavez, etc. I don’t think that’s valid. I think the EZLN are substantially different from the other institutions he’s talking about. Of course this is speaking as someone who’s never been to Chiapas, but I do know quite a few people who have and I do get the impression that the EZLN and the communities associated with them are quite close to anarchism, if not anarchist (whatever the definition of that is).
    Also I consider it vital to have solidarity with movements in the so called third world, but Martin is right that this is not very meaningful unless linked with the struggle right here and right now. I would say that sections of this country ARE “the third world.”
    Right, now I’ll leave it to you whitechapel residents…

  5. Just noticed the logo they’ve picked for themselves these “communists”. Yuck!

  6. safe to say that martin was the winner tonight. The opposition failed to turn up with their big hitter and was left with a stand in that got a knock out blow as soon as martin spoke.

    Next stop EDL. Come on you thick fucks invite us along to your next stabbing ( i mean meeting) and meet some real antifascists that won’t back down.

    Up the red & black army!

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