WAG Issue 6 Election Special

Brand spanking new WAG Paper being launched on Brick Lane this Sunday 14th from 12 Noon and also available from Freedom Bookshop off Whitechapel High Street. One A2 sheet folded, we’ve produced 6,000 copies each with a free match! Grab a copy while you still can!!

Front Page:

Page One:

Page Two:

Back Page:


8 responses to “WAG Issue 6 Election Special

  1. Any chance i could get the newsletters sent to
    my e-mail?
    I live in Camden, north London, so bethnal green is a bit of a walk for me and a bloody expensive bus ride too.(£1.20 with Oyster Card.
    £2.00 cash!)

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  3. cambridgeanarchist

    Looking good. I thought I came up with “Not Left Not Right Straight Ahead”… I must be capturing the zeitgeist! 😉 If you’ve got any spare, we’d love a few in cambs. Our address is Box A, 12 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 2AD (hint hint). Hopefully see you lot at the community action national meeting in Nottingham later this month!

    – D

  4. Any chance of a PDF copy? Or can I pay you to post a load to Austria?

  5. ha ha, brilliant front page!

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