Bankers, Bosses, Bureaucrats and the Boys in Blue.

Members of WAG were among  a 100-strong solidarity demonstration at the London HQ of UBS bank, off Liverpool Street, last Friday. We were all gathered to show our support for the struggle to get cleaner and working class militant Alberto Durango reinstated.

Alberto is feared and loathed by the bosses and the union bureaucrats alike, having gained a reputation as an organiser and all-round force to be reckoned with after his involvement in various workplace campaigns. Given the precarious nature of cleaning work (dodgy contracts, high staff turnover) and the use of immigration controls to attack and divide the workforce, this is no mean feat.

Lancaster – the company that Swiss banking giant UBS uses to contract cleaners – sacked Alberto for this very reason. Political maneuverings within the UNITE union also meant that the militant Latin American Workers Association (who had their offices in the UNITE building) got given the boot. You couldnt fucking make it up.

The pigs were also out there in force to protect the rich from the concequences of their actions – and for now, they are succeeding. But for as long as there is oppression, there will be those who fight back. It’s time we took a leaf out of Alberto’s (and all the other unnamed cleaners he has fought alongside) book. Solidarity with these struggles is the first step. Spreading them is the next. We need to create a force they cant control.

More background information here.


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