How to smash any sense of Working Class International Solidarity in one easy step

The Greeks are at it yet again, on the streets an going about striking . Their striking over the very same issues that we need to be fighting, job cuts, poor housing, low pay etc. An since the British Working Class have been shat on throughout the last two years of rescission you’d think wed begin to start seeing how much we both have in common.

But before we could hear the TUC cry ‘Ere brothers an sister were poor like them Greeks, maybe we should have a go’ Those Ruling Class bastards figured the best way to prevent any spread of Greek Insurrectionist ideas was through generosity. With the IMF lording down a saving loan on Greece, as long as they promise to smash their unions. The Labour Government has refused to stick in £16 billion into the IMF £40 Billion Help Strike Hit Greece Campaign Fund, and for once are able to seem strong and determined against the Europe Zone…when actually their properly just to broke. Now it can be said ‘at least Labour isn’t sending money off to them rioting Greeks’ instead of , ‘the Greeks have the idea. Lets Strike and Smash shit up

One of the reasons for holding back aid was concern over the levels of Greek politicians fiddling …which is even funnier because…

Briton’s refusal to aid the Greek Ruling Classes has also sent the far funnier story around MPs Expenses to the back pages of the newspapers. The new MP expenses body with cost six times as much as the amount of money MPs paid back ! And to top it off the MPs up for prosecution for their fiddling are bitching how unfair it is that their being “denied natural justice” Lets join together with Class War in egging Jim Devine MP, David Chaytor MP and Elliot Morley MP on March 11th at Westminster Magistrates Court 9 am when the shits get to explain themselves.

WAG will be having a bit of extra fun by hard boiling our eggs first and using Dr Martins finest steel capped boots to Ram them right up the bastards rotten arses.


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