John Rety Rest In Peace

Sad news on the death of John Rety. An absolute legend. We salute you Sir.


4 responses to “John Rety Rest In Peace

  1. I adored John Rety; what a single handed
    genius & champion of writers & the poor.
    I first met John in 1964, a wild passionate
    man, devoted to his wife, Susan & to getting
    new work published & heard.
    I will miss you so much, dear John. Fi

  2. A unique character who could be as scathing and irascible as he was warm, impish and funny. He sacrificed himself along with Susan, to create an independent space at Torriano and an independent voice in Hearing Eye press where poetry, art and dissent could breathe. Together they have helped nurture a radical democratic culture which it is left to us to sustain. I just miss him and will remember him most for his refusal to bow down to anyone or give in to power.

  3. His life was gentle; and the elements
    So mix’d in him that Nature might stand up
    And say to all the world, This was a man!

    my life is rich because it was touched by john rety.

    loretta monaco

  4. I met John at the end of the 60s when I was briefly contributing to Freedom – the sad news is a reminder of happier days, which I suppose is apt for anarchists.

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