Shoreditch PR Firm Gets Burgled

Ok,  so it’s old news…(Sept 09) but WAG only just found out about it. Read all about it on the Hackney Gazette website here.

“They are clearly trying to make a statement. It’s just not clear to whom and whether it is an anarchist statement or whether they are rubbing our noses in it and saying ‘we got away with it’.”

An anarchist statement? Looks like you’re starting to get the message, dickheads.

Militant Working Class: 1 – “Edgy” Shoreditch Gentrifiers: 0


2 responses to “Shoreditch PR Firm Gets Burgled

  1. “Edgy” Shoreditch Gentrifiers…that’s a bit mild isn’t it? How about rapacious colonising scumbags who don’t give a shit about the neighbourhood and the people who live in it?

  2. bravo42xrayalpha

    Shud ave torched the fuckin place once you robbed the place.

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