Remember Gaza…SMASH EDO!

Its been a year since the Israeli state began it’s ruthless attack on Gaza, decimating communities on a scale unseen in the region for some time. Thousands of people took to the streets in London and across the globe to express their solidarity with the people of Palestine and anger at the brutality of the Israeli state. Amongst this critical mass were the residents of Whitechapel,  a place with a large Muslim population. WAG were pleased to witness first-hand the level of defiance amongst the young Muslims- not only of the police (who were attacked when they tried to stand in the way), the symbols of capital (whose shopfronts were smashed) but of the ecclesiastical figures (Imams) that tried to quell their militancy.

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the efforts of the campaign against the Brighton-based EDO arms factory, ‘Smash EDO‘. The campaign has held regular noise demonstrations, blockades, direct actions, militant mass demonstrations (the first of which EDO literally got smashed!) and, more recently, the decomissioning of EDO – where comrades broke into EDO and did over £300,000 worth of damage, bringing business to a standstill for the war profiteers.

We urge as many people to come to Mondays action as possible….Make your anger heard!



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