Parliament needs YOU

Throughout the last two weeks this WAG has found themselves on one of the dole centres ‘back to work’ programmes. Staff t(who clearly want to be outside playing as much as the 30 victims of this ‘training’ ) insist on running in front of someone every 20 minutes exclaiming how they’ve found an ideal job for us, normally as a minimum wage temporary postal sorter…or scab to the postal strike. Their eagerness to find us work, any work, is linked to the bonuses they receive for every person they get a job – even if it only gets them off the dole for a week. Despite the distractive staff I have been able to look for work on the Internet, playing around on the website

An came across this cracker of a job.

 22193. Co-ordinator and researcher.   for: All Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition and Andrew Tyrie MP

A fairly important job, co-ordinating and researching for an all Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition, obviously there’s a down side…. you have to work with the Tory scum bag Andrew Tyrie MP

 It seems to me there’s one of two reasons that this very important role is being advertised on a small unimportant job search website.

  1. The ruling class have realised what Anarchists have been saying all along, that your average person has more intelligence and is better able to judge and govern themselves then any poxy government.


  2.  They want an inexperienced Muppet to Co-ordinate and research for the group.

 And who provides a better collection of Muppets then the Anarchist movement…this job should be ours!

 Sadly the job has since been removed from the site, perhaps there was a change in government policy or a civil servant fancied the job. Or maybe Ministers realised that with so much of our money invested in failing banks that they didn’t have to advertise for a Muppet to fill the role since they already employ the dumbest Bastards in Britain.

 This job may no longer be online but I’m sure they would still accept CV’s being posted to them, come on Sisters and Brothers apply quick!

 And if you don’t fancy working in Parliament I’m sure you could have fun with job 22100

 22100: 6 month policy/research post .   for: The Police Foundation


5 responses to “Parliament needs YOU

  1. nah you misread the spec’, they’re looking for a
    Coordinator and Researcher for- an
    ‘Extraodinary rendition of Andrew Tyrie MP’

    Good luck resisting [the] Occupation 😉

  2. How can you claim to be an “Anarchist” and then still claim financial support from the Government and system that you hate so much? Or are you just being massively ironic and I’m missing the point?

    • They’re anarchists because they want their to be a world with neither states nor unemployment (and a wealth of other things). That’s how they can claim to be anarchists.

      Because they, um, are.


  3. isn’t an unimportant website, it’s the main site for getting jobs in parliament; lobbying; charities; etc, so it wouldn’t attract muppets but career politicos.

    But still, all-party groups are routinely used by PR firms and lobbyists as fronts for business or by government/parties for managing affairs of state so I wouldn’t hold my breath that the APPG for investigating rendition will come up with any real results!


  4. Good article….
    thankyou for your information so very helpfull to me. Keep the good work!!!

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