End of an Era…


For over five years, the rampART squatted social centre has played host to a variety of radical projects, meetings and benefit parties.  In it’s time it has raised thousands for various campaigns ranging from Palestinian solidarity to militant anti-fascism. And of course, theres been a few WAG parties…

The past year has seen repeated threats of eviction for the east end social centre. Most notably in the run-up to the G20 summit, when a few dodgy bailiffs pretending to be fire inspectors gained entry to the building. Their success was shortlived, however – once word got around Whitechapel that rampART was under threat, the cops and bailiffs were promptly seen to and the building reoccupied.

However, no such luck this time – the balance of class forces was well and truly against us. As for the owner, WAG understand he has planning permission to demolish the historical building (of which very little remain in E1) and build – no prizes for guessing, here – luxury flats! (of which there are already far too many)

WAG would like to thank everyone who put their time and effort into running rampART Social Centre. For more details and to read their version of events, check out their blog.


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