WAG Issue 5

Hitting the streets Sunday 20th September. 3000 printed on recylced A3 paper. Now with extra pages!!

Front Cover:

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4:

Back Page:


6 responses to “WAG Issue 5

  1. cambridgeanarchist

    Looking good you WAGS!

  2. Hello People, good to see you got a local bristolian villian in one of yer last issues, now tell me me hearty where do i get meself a pdf copy of yer lovely rag?Big up to the whitechaple mazzive.

  3. From the outside looking in

    I usually like a good read of the WAG paper but this issue disapoints me, some of it is just typical ranting which has had little thought put into it.

    The first page complains self-righteously about “hordes of zombie like consumers with barcode eyes ritually strut along brick lane at weekends”. Yet on page two, it says “let’s create more streetlife for all, like brick lane on Sundays”… who’s writing this shit?

    I also feel Miss Maverick can use better words for her message about Imperialism and Slavery being to blame for black-on-black crime in 2009. To me this is a total cop-out. The description of Police harrassment and divide and rule is valid, but to say “Imperialism, the after effects of slavery and ‘other issues’ are to blame” is totally floppy. It’s a bit complicated than that is it not? It’s very easy to lay the blame on capistalism for all of societies ills and it would be right to do so, but you’ve got back it up with something rather just simply saying “it’s capitalism/imperialism/slavery’s fault.”

    Come on.

    Anyway rant over, all the power to you for making the paper… who the fuck am I anyway?

  4. Hi there Outside, the paper is written by various people, and therefore does not necessarily reflect a consistent opinion. We don’t have a ‘party line’ so there will always be a diversity in the range of views expressed, and as such is a collection of individual impressions.
    We do very much enjoy and celebrate the street life of markets such as Brick Lane, indeed we are there most Sundays giving out the paper, yet the part about zombie consumers was perhaps directed toward the increasing predominance of individuals who seemingly exist purely to consume, and who are eager to define their social status through the patterns and symbols of their consumption. It’s this trend toward an upmarket, gentrified, sterile, tourist destination style market (also greatly encouraged to by the council) which excludes many of the local population and the poorer sections of society who have traditionally traded there that the article was objecting to. I agree that perhaps it could have been clearer in stating this, but then again, maybe sometimes things can be stated too literally and instead the sensory and emotional experiences of the observer should be allowed to emerge and be recorded, while also leaving some room for the imagination of the reader to interpret these.

  5. From the outside looking in

    Thank you WAG Contributer, what a nice, thoughtful and measured response (no sarcasm). Thanks.

    I just feel perhaps you could use some anarchistic co-operation in overview with your editing… I get frustrated sometimes because Anarchism as an idea is amazing, but some of those who promote it are not very good at showing this, if you know what I mean. Since you are giving loads of these papers to the public I think it’s important to rubbish stereotypes, not enforce them.

    But again, I’m doing nothing so there you go. Home my criticism is helpful in some way.


  6. Well I like Miss Maverick’s article anyway! It’s a column not a dissertation… you can’t get every single point across in 500 odd words, a summary does the trick! It’s to raise some points and start a discussion, not provide all the answers to the world’s problems.
    I think this video by the mighty dead prez illustrates her point well:

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