British Radical Traditions

Thanks to all those who attended the Fair! Heres a brilliant write up in our favourite anarchist publication “Freedom”:

A full write up will apear on this blog and in the next copy of WAG Issue 5 soon. After all the hard work of the fair we took a few weeks off but our next paper will be hitting the streets at the start of september and our one year annual launching at the Anarchist Bookfair. So lot’s happening in Whitechapel! Details of next public meeting will follow soon too…

But in the meantime why not listen to a handful of WAG’s on Dissident Island Radio from July 17th 2009 talking about the Fair, Reviving British Traditions, working class radical history, whats next for the Whitechapel anarchists and the upcoming Radical London network coming soon!

The interview is split over two videos:

Also in the good spirit of British Radical Traditions we have uploaded Resonance FM Show hosted by Ian Bone called “Violent London” featuring Clive Bloom (Author of “violent london”) and Andy Meinke (“Freedom” Paper) discussing everything from Gordon Riots, Putney debates, Fifth Monarchy men and women, Peasants revolt, Poll Tax Riot, Blackshirts, G20 and JI8, Suffragettes and Chartists, Sidney Street through to The Angry Brigade!!!

The show is split over six videos and to watch them all in order then please click HERE.

To whet your appetite here is Part One:

ENJOY! And check out our new RECOMMENDED READING section at the top of the blog.


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