5-A-Side Football

Declaration made today at 11:04 am:

——– Original Message ——–

All Anarchists In London Are Shit…

And therefore we challenge you all to a game of 5-a-side football to battle it out!

Haringey Solidarity Group, Hackney Solidarity Network, Action East End, Camden & Islington Anarchists, Croydon Solidarity Group, Walthamstow Anarchist Group, Antifa, Indymedia, Liberty & Solidarity, Anarchist Federation, Solidarity Federation, IWW, Class War, London Coalition Against Poverty, Fitwatch, No Borders, Freedom Bookshop (Sorry if I forgot you but add yourself on!)

The Whitechapel Anarchist Group officially declares a fight to the death, or more than likely just until we are all panting out of breath, so get your team together and bring it on!

5-A-Side football, jumpers for goal posts, prison rules apply. No coshes. No bats. No knives.


The Fair starts at 12 noon on the dot! Come in fancy dress! Five-A-Side tournament will kick off around 1/2pm but times to be announced soon.

Get there for 12 noon to get in the practice. No doubt some of you internet revolutionnaries will need it.

Bring it on! WAG will destroy you all!

Signed Spring Heeled Jack on behalf of WAG

P.S. A book will be run on the day, so turn up to find out your odds and have a flutter 🙂


Followed by a Climate Camp Communique at 12:06pm:

The wives and girlfriends of the east end (otherwise known as the Whitechapel Anarchist Group) have issued a challenge to anarchist groups all over London for a game of 5-a-side football to the death next weekend. However they are clearly too scared to take on the London climate camp neighborhood as they’ll neglected to send an invite despite the group being one of the largest regularly meeting anarchist groups in London. So, the question is, will the London neighborhood let this pass?


That sounds like fighting talk to us. The Gauntlet has been thrown down. Are you game?


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