Spitalfields Fair Poster

Lots of organising, scheming and plotting has been happening behind the scenes and we are all very excited for the forthcoming Fair on SUNDAY 26TH JULY 12 NOON.

There will be stalls, live music, face painting, food, games, coconut shy etc etc. All the traditional fun of the fair! Come in fancy dress as a ghost of the east end – plague victims, spring heeled jack, pirates, street urchins or a striking docker. And get there for 12 noon on the dot! 

As living standards slide back to 1900 levels lets revive the radical traditions of carnival!

This SUNDAY 19TH JULY we will be out on Brick Lane with a stall handing out the last copies of WAG Issue 4, Spitalfields Fair Posters, selling copies of the brand new Freedom Newspaper and handing out information from London Coalition Against Poverty, Advisory Service For Squatters and the latest on the Tower Hamlets College cuts. From 12-4pm amongst the illegal market. See you the streets.


One response to “Spitalfields Fair Poster

  1. Sounds spiffing

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