Martin Lux “Anti-Fascist” Greece 2009

The original “Anti-Fascist” (In English) can be bought HERE. The image above is from the recent Greek publication. The following article was written by Martin Lux when he returned from Greece on 03/06/09:

“Invited to speak at the Balkan Bookfair, Thessaloniki about my book “Anti-Fascist”, I jumped at the chance. Funny how I’ve been invited to speak in Holland a couple of years ago, now Greece but nowhere here. Typical. Maybe the comrades here don’t understand a thick London accent. Or maybe they prefer to hear about struggles in steamy jungles on the other side of the globe. So, not believing all that Roman propaganda about Greeks being an effete bunch of lute strumming philosophers and inspired by the December uprising, I didn’t hesitate to pack my bags. I’d like to say I was treated seriously by the Greek anarchists, escorted around the town, interviewed for anarchist publications, driven around Athens, wined and dined put up in comfortable accommodation throughout my entire stay. And listened to by hundreds of enthusiasts who were well informed about conditions over here, even about the disturbances in Luton last Bank Holiday. The Greek anarchists are as politically divided as we are. Difference is, that they are more together regarding actions, publications, mobilizations, squats, and social centres. Also, they were well aware of the pitfalls of our so-called movement including our massive drug and drink sub-culture. They were normal human beings not the collection of Yetis, Trogs and Life stylists that infest our movement. In Thessaloniki, they held their bookfair and rally in a public space, a park. Plus they got together a march of about 400 protesting a new law in the offing banning hoodies on demonstrations, which I attended. Athens was different, in that the next leg of the bookfair was held in a university, which are in Greece autonomous zones, police not allowed on the premises under any circumstances. The event itself and the social must have been attended by a couple of thousand people. Again, a virtual Yeti-free zone. I never met a single deadhead there, or theoretical snob. They were well interested in developments here, so I elaborated at length about the mass disillusionment and anger with the financial meltdown, police and political corruption, arrogance that has engulfed society over the last couple of months. But I went further to speculate that at long last about the possibility of a real revolution here in the UK. “You heard it here, today!” I also said that our anarchist movement is totally unprepared for this, unwilling to comprehend it, that the conference in June will certainly except in passing not be discussing the mood on the streets or preparing to take advantage, push it towards a genuine revolution. Instead they will be asking questions like “Why is our movement so small?” Answer, because they are sitting around in halls asking that question. Question, what is class? Well if you can’t figure that one out or don’t know, you’ll never know. And what will come out of the conference? Another conference. Also I said that now, in the future and as always, a minority of us would be out on the streets, where it counts, agitating, brawling, arguing, confronting, connecting, stirring it up whenever things were kicking off or even in the quiet of our own neighbourhoods. Much to my surprise and delight, some of the Greek comrades knew about our Whitechapel Anarchist Group and it’s modest achievements. I wasn’t speaking for effect when I said revolution within a couple of years. The entire system has been exposed as rotten to the core and the feeling is that it will be unable to deliver to the majority who have bought into the system. And that the establishment is incapable of root and branch change that is required to insure its survival. It simply lacks the will or imagination. This surely is to our advantage. I also claimed that the entire oversized British middle-class totally lacks and never has had a revolutionary tradition (Unlike the working class with their hidden history of insurrection, uprisings spreading from pre-industrial times to the present day) that as evidence of this statement, that the middle-class has never even developed a republican consciousness. As for our students, they are and always have been political scum capable of only posturing in the 60’s, scabbing in the 20’s and wallowing in total apathy today. I told our Greek comrades that despite anything internet creeps tapped out in their bedsits, April 1st and May 4th were a success due to the number of people mobilised, mostly I’ll add from outside the “official” movement. I didn’t burden our Greek comrades with the term “Pointyheads” or explain most of the stuff on the internet or published in the UK of a “theoretical” nature is nothing more than middle-class pseudo-intellectual claptrap comprehensible to only a tiny minority of the over educated. Truth is, the whole political scene is for us a blank paper, everything is up for grabs, can we understand that and proceed to take maximum advantage?
Yes, it’s obvious to me that there are disagreements amongst the Greek Anarchists. However I’d like to say that I and others of my ilk would tend to agree with most of what they all say because quite frankly they are all hardcore. And I like their attitude. Unlike here where now we see a so-called class critique trundled out as excuse to do fuck all. If it’s not fully formed workers councils, with a proletariat fully acting out it’s historic role, they don’t want to know, in fact they’ll be denouncing us whatever we do. Nothings good enough for this intellectual gentry who seem to exert an unhealthy influence on our movement. Okay, that’ll do. Enough. As I never go “Online”, never ever use a computer, preferring my debates to be face to face along with my politics. This is a first and probably a last at least for the foreseeable future. I’m not interested in replying to pointyheads, getting sucked into a meaningless vortex. See you on the streets instead. Also, I hope to return to Greece later this year, where at least I know most of the anarchists are above board.”


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