We Are The Mob

Whitechapel Anarchists were among thousands of other radical revelers this May Day bank holiday weekend.

We celebrated the traditional workers’ day of May the 1st in true Whitechapel style. Instead of going on the usual boring A to Z trudge from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square we decide to hold our own anarchist rally in the Green, relax in the sun and have a few Pimms.

To watch the whole rally click HERE.

We then made our way down to the Bank to meet the Space Hijackers for their debaucherous police state street carnival which was well attended and good time was had by all!

We wrapped the evening up with another interview with dissident island radio.


On May 3rd the Whitechapel mob were down at the Rag Factory off Brick Lane for the London Zine Symposium, now in its fifth year, for a day jam packed with D.I.Y fun. Along with the comic books, zines and artwork, plenty of mouth watering home made food and cakes was also available for the hungry zinesters provided by Anarchist Teapot and Last Hours zine. A big hello to the guys at  the hilarious ‘Now or Never’ magazine, who we shared a stall with on the day.


To finish off the long weekend’s festivities, we continued the age old bank holiday tradition of Londoners heading off for a day at the sea side. Thousands turned out to the Smash EDO protest against the arms trade in Brighton. The EDO factory has played a crucial role in providing weaponry for the slaughter of innocent people in the Middle East. Every bullet that kills a child in Palestine and every shell that destroys a village in Afghanistan has to be made somewhere. The demo started out with a carnival atmosphere with colourfully dressed people and sound systems blasting out music. In keeping with Brighton’s Whitson bank holiday traditions, the day didn’t pass off without some aggro with the Old Bill – with the help of kids from the local estates, we outfoxed the doughnut-munching boys in blue.  Feeling sorry for the overweight police, we assisted them by giving them some much-needed exercise! We couldn’t help but chuckle into our seaside fish and chips and refreshing drinks when the pigs came past, sweating and red-faced! The city was brought to a standstill for the day, with revelry and further actions against the arms trade and its collaborators continuing into the night.


All in all, the best mayday weekend for a long time, things are really starting to hot up this summer! Forward to the summer of rage! We are the mob, we are the mob, we are, we are, we are the mob!


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