1st april 2009

1st of April 2009, seen by many as the day the G20 was to organize in London, where 6400 men and women (out of six billion) would decide how 90 % of the world’s wealth would be used in the face of recession.

We could have gone to the Excel centre, been caged by pigs (I say pigs because after seeing their blood lust on Wednesday I can see police as nothing else) and stood miles away from any world leader with our chants unheard. 

Fuck that, we organised to go to the heart of Capitalism in this country, outside the Bank of England and turn it into an open free space. Throughout the year tax payers have been burdened with the debt of the financial district, we’d already paid for this area with out tax, now was the time to claim it.

At noon a possible 5,000 but more likely 3 – 4, 000 congregated outside one of the rotten hearts of the capitalist system. As our numbers grew police presence fell, they stomped away to block the streets surrounding us with vans an lines of cops. They treated us like a cancer, trying to stop us spreading to the rest of the city, we didn’t care, we were where we wanted to be. 

Immediately thoughts were chucked up on the walls with our writing spread out over the banks, ‘this was built out of blood’ scrawled on the Bank of England hit a somber note with me. Live music and homemade systems released a melody to hungry ears as street dancers moved through the crowd. Without toilets people came together attaching banners around a coroner so people could maintain some modesty from the hordes of journalists as they took a piss.

A sense of achievement loomed, unlike the last seven years where each mass demonstration organised by the StWC would be followed by an equally lackluster demonstration a month later with 15,000 less people on the street, we knew this was a beginning, that people would come together again, this was a foundation of a movement. 

Despite being penned in people were happy, the police were stuck out at their lines unable to bark commands at us. But some of the more experienced protesters were already weary and anger began to be uttered as normal pigs were replaced with by one’s tooled up and draped in riot gear. As the riot lines began to edge forward what the media call hard line anarchists, but I call comrades, were brave enough to stand up and force them back down the streets, as the pigs retreated they left their precious Royal Bank of Scotland unguarded, its windows were smashed and a few computers were reclaimed by the tax payers then hurled to the ground outside. But riot cops were waiting inside filming the events, leading to speculation that protesters were attacked by the police then when angry enough left to create a little carnage for the media circus to justify the ten million pounds spent on policing.

As more unarmed protesters braved the police batons their line was broken where many managed to escape the police escalations of violence. By seven the police were continuing to batter protesters who despite being unarmed were able to hold their own, when news started to filter in of a death.

By now free from the police pen I was able to roam the city attempting to find more news instead coming across a military operation of helicopters, armored cars and more riot police attacking the peaceful Climate Rush protest. Too tired to join the camp I acted like a coward and left, so I could be back tomorrow at a memorial being held.  

On Thursday there was a memorial outside Bank, even here the filth showed their colours hitting the mourning.As we left we passed along the convergence centre, where many protesters were sleeping, to see riot police attacking. rampART (a squatted community centre) was also under attacked , the police had entered through the roof and were smashing their front door in. Equipped with tazer’s the filth held the residents hostage for two hours before dragging two protesters away.

Later I saw a friend who had cared for the dieing man as the police continued to baton charge the crowds, here is their statement, http://london.indymedia.org.uk/articles/1019 ,my words aren’t adequate to describe the event.

The time between launching ourselves free from the sadistic police pens and hearing about the death is falling into a haze, as police reassert their power through violent attacks on our community centers even the memory of feeling free is fading. I felt that for a few hours I came a little bit closer to the mood George Orwell expressed when first entering Catalonia. There was a sense of freedom, that we had control, that we’d taken back our space that for so many years had been under their cosh, the buildings our Class built with the streets our Class laid, and now financially, through tax payer’s money, owned by our Class was truly ours again.

It was only for a few hours, but that feeling is worth fighting for.

A demonstration called ‘Getting to the truth’ has been called this Saturday 4th April at 12pm at the Bank of England. It demands an independent public enquiry into Ian Tomlinson’s death as well as communicating disgust and anger at the violent and brutal policing of the G20 demonstrations.


23 responses to “1st april 2009

  1. Ha. Your poorly expressed words make me laugh. Such biased, one-sided, loaded commentary – you’d be equally suited to writing for a Republican blog as this one; for you’re as intrisically unable to see a dispute from varied angles as they are.

    I seem to recall watching the Police standing their ground without resorting to violence for hours in the face of extreme provocation. I’m pretty certain that if your mob were facing policemen screaming extreme abuse and taunts inches from your faces you’d all rush to complain, but somehow when the shoe’s on the other foot you seem singularly unable to empathise.

    Idiots. I commend your bravery at valiantly ‘storming’ an unguarded bank branch and smashing some computer equipment, your unalloyed elegance in daubing pathetic ill-formed slogans on walls, and candour in pretending that there was anything noble in your decisions to protest at the Bank of England rather than either Excel or Downing Street, where you know you would genuinely have probably had to face the army had you tried your childish sandbox tactics.

    Funny too how you whine and bleat about your ‘taxes’ – do you really pay any? Really? Honestly? I doubt it, and even if you do, I seriously doubt many of your ‘comrades’ do. Either way it highlights the absurdity of your position. For surely paying taxes to such a currupt, rotten state as you think it is severely compromises your beliefs, yet if you genuinely do, then you should realise that the windows and equipment your gang of merry fuckwits trashed are now taxpayer-owned; therefore the actions of the brave, hardy wankers is no less an act of public waste than the powers and authorities you purport to challenge.

    You disgust me – for your innate stupidity, your ostrich mentalities and your sheer, rank hypocrisy. Everything, EVERYTHING you benefit from exists due to capitalism. The computer your type and read your wet words on, the cameras and phones you use, the clothes you wear, the food you consume, the beer your drink, the materials that comprise the roof over your head, the ambulance that you’ll call one day to hopefully rescue your ailing mother – every scrap and shred of it exists, was conceived of, created by, produced by a factory somewhere, and I gotta tell ya; anti-capitalists don’t found factories.

    The world watched your dumb displays of blind, impotent, ill-informed rage on Wednesday and laughed before tutting. Then we all turned over to watch something else. You’re less than the human equivalent of an ant attempting to rape an elephant – you’re mere amoeba squealing derisively at the lions and tigers. You will never win. Your lives will pass and wither, and you will have achieved nothing of note; NOTHING but the excuses you and your sad band of compatriots gift each other for why you’re not successes, or happy, or have followings…

    I don’t even pity you. 99.9999999% of the time you’re beneath anyone’s radar…

  2. the above middle age middle class hernia popping cliche fueled fallacy filled cry baby bollocks had me rolling in the aisles for a fair bit. It must be satirical. HAHAHAHA encore encore

  3. You do protest too much. If we’re so utterly insignificant, you wouldn’t have been spending so much of your time on us.

    I don’t know where you were standing on Wednesday – perhaps somewhere behind a TV screen in America, given your comments about Republicans – but I neither saw nor heard hours of extreme provocation being offered to the police. Rather, it was the other way round. Footage from the day clearly shows non-violent demonstrators and journalists getting a whacking *without* provocation. I’ve seen the police being violent, from the Poll Tax Riot, the Criminal Justice Bill Riot, Waterloo, Welling, J18 – so it comes as no surprise to me when they are. But on Wednesday the police surprised me by the vitriol they showed towards people posing no threat to them, people they had corralled and had under control. Any violence from the demonstrators was in response to this.

    Taxes? Everyone, or almost everyone, pays tax. Tax on beer, tax on clothes, tax on electricity, tax on gas, tax on some foods – etc etc etc. And that’s before you get onto the taxes people have to pay from working. Have to pay – not many people have the happy option of choosing whether, or how much, to pay. As for the windows, I’d have been quite happy to see non-tax-payer owned windows put through.

    The reason that people put those windows through is that it’s the bloody banks who had quite a hand in getting us into recession. They aren’t state-owned (not owned by the people of this country, incidentally) because of the fine job the previous incumbents were doing.

    So capitalists have produced pretty much everything there is. Do you really think that’s news? If you do, it compounds the stupidity already evident from those comments I’ve looked at. In life you have to make do with what you have. It’s not as though people have any choice about the society in which they grow up, and few people have any choice about the society in which they live. It’s what you do to make things better which counts in life, not how much you consume. And people like you who measure life in a balance sheet, who know the price of everything and the value of nothing, are the sort of people who deserve the bankers, the Fred the Shreds, the Gordon Browns and the Jacqui Smiths of this world.

    There is another Britain, a Britain I doubt you’ll ever know, in which community and solidarity trump profiteering and exploitation. This country’s coming to the point where choices will have to be made on which side you are. You’ve chosen your side, and we ours. And, to quote Kruschev, we will bury you.

  4. Yes, Mr Capital you clearly don’t care at all about the anarchists judging by the effort you put into your tantrum. I would love to see you, have a few words with you because I don’t get exposed too much to pointless, bigoted, creeps like yourself very often, and I do think it is a good idea to try to understand why people behave the way they do. BTW love the name you’ve chosen! MR CAPITAL!! Do you by any chance suffer from erectile dysfunction?

    On another note, and the real reason I dropped by, there is some very clear footage of the assault of Ian Tomlinson by police when he was walking home from his job. Very damning stuff, they’re not going to be able to justify this in any way. Do please check it out: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/apr/07/video-g20-police-assault


  6. Can you help identify the cops who witnessed the assault of Ian Tomlinson?

    If you were in London that day and took photographs, you may have snapped one or other of the 18+ officers who were in the immediate vicinity of Ian Tomlinson’s assault at some other time.

    You may even recognise a regular from your pub, a neighbour, a copper off your local area.

    If you do, please don’t just leave it be.

    If enough people – ordinary people, people like us – take the time and trouble to hold those responsible (through their action or their inaction) for the death of Ian Tomlinson, force them to come forward and be held accountable, then we might – just might – help prevent this happening again, only next time to your father, my mother, our friends, our loved ones. Don’t leave it to the IPCC.

    FITwatch is also working hard to identify any Forward Intelligence Team types there in the events which were shortly followed by Ian Tomlinson’s death at the age of 47.

  7. Heheheh how the natives are revolting. Bury us? I rather think not old boy. When have anarchists ever truly achieved anything? It reminds me somewhat of when V for Vendetta was released in 2005 and a handful of wankers enacted some scenes from the graphic novel in front of a bank. The passersby and bankers glanced bemusedly for a few seconds and kept walking. It was pitiful.

    Rather akin to your concerted attempts. So there’s a ‘Britain you doubt I’ll ever know’, eh? Bullshit. This country’s filled to the gunnels with people like me, like people everywhere, who want to compete, to get ahead, to improve their lot, to achieve, create, build, develop, enhance, invent, sell, earn and grow, not sit moaning, whinging and yapping about those who have made it from some dingy room in a corner unit near Tayyabs in ShitChapel.

    You won’t bury us, because we have brains, and vision, and capital, and steel, and concrete, and arms, and industries, and armies of workforces who rely on us.

    You’ll never ever win. And if you think that 1/3 the number of people currently protesting about Sri Lanca is gonna change ANYTHING, then you’re just a bunch of deluded spunk-gobbling hedge monkeys…

  8. spunk-gobbling hedge monkeys… Mr Capital, you didn’t put quite so much effort into this one did you? I will admit that changing a system as entrenched as this one and on such a scale that it is, will prove difficult. Especially when you consider that most people do behave like sheep and gain comfort from behaving like everybody else, never really thinking about the world around them and how they interact with it. Unfortunately far too many people go for the short-sighted, short-termed option of consuming mindlessly to keep them from having to do hard things like think for themselves, and work out what is truly worthwhile for themselves and the society in which they live.

    Mr Capital, I doubt you have any real capabilities for vision, I suspect you are nothing more than a bullying coward and all the growing you have been engaging in is, like the majority of the western world, around your waist. I think we would all benefit more from a world in which people do actually think about their actions, and consider the greater good for all. This would translate at your level to removing the rapist mentality in business folk like yourself. Also, please don’t continue to labour under the misapprehension that people who have issues with the current system are not productive. That is truly ignorant.

  9. There’s little point in carrying on a debate with the likes of ‘Mr. Capital’. We’ve already seen the results of the psychosis his system generates (a system reliant on ‘armies of workforces’ and not the other way round – and all the more fragile for it). The particular character of Mr. Capital’s own psychosis has striking affinities, it seems, with that of the ambitious visionary Chris Foster, who buried himself beneath the rubble of his mansion. So in love was he with money and the trappings of success, that he’d sooner massacre his own wife and daughter than give any of it back. You’re welcome to your world, Mr. Capital – just don’t drag any of us down with it.

  10. Mr.Capital…

    one day…
    when these robots take away YOUR very last right..IF we allowed that to happen…and they beat on your daughters face…all the while claiming it was for her own good.

    Maybe then you will see…
    Maybe then you look back and realise just how STUPID you were!

    Just how dirty greed makes you!

    “because we have brains, and vision, and capital, and steel, and concrete, and arms, and industries, and armies of workforces who rely on us.”

    Vision..?vision of what exactly..look around you.
    Open your eyes!

    You have just described a planet of slaves that is built on fear run by tyrants!

  11. Mr Capital

    Is that so? You’ll find the same delusions in the last days of the ancien regime, and in the last days of the tsars. But you’re right. On second thoughts, we won’t bury you. Much greener to let the birds feed off your flesh.

  12. Loxon, you’re clearly a tool, but I do like that you actually engage, rather than merely spout. Kudos. However your crass and lazy suppositions (fat?moi?) let you down. As for the rest of you… I read your dumb bleatings, but all I see are the words ‘blah di blah fucking blah’…

    And as for the inane cunt calling himself Simon who seeks to link a clearly desperately disturbed individual who sadly took his family’s lives as well as his own with the perceived foibles of capitalism – well you’re clearly scum, aren’t ya? I suppose by your reckoning if Billy Bragg does the same it’ll be a failing of Socialism? Well? Nah, I doubt you’ll reach that conclusion, don’t you? You wankers are all the same – one track minded idiots.

    And Upthera – you’re clearly a mob fetishist. Ooh, how your shrivelled little winkle verily did throb at the sight of all those modern day sans-culottes valiantly throwing bottles and stones at the evil coppers. You’d love to see a bit of crowd bashing wouldn’t ya? I bet that’d get your flagging Broadway Market attending blood punping, huh? Impotent imbecile. And when you write ‘much greener to let the birds feed off your flesh’ in some faux-sinister manner…Jesus, do you even realise on how many levels that sounds pathetic? Do you even know what an idiot you are? Greener to feed birds flesh than to reinvigorate the soil with nutrients? Haha you are a dope, and no mistake guv’nor.

    To paraphrase old Muriel Belcher, face it cuntys, capitalism rocks, and you’re all cocks. You’ll never win. Ever. You can’t… You’re all merely railing against the dying of the light.

    Welcome to reality.

  13. Err..Mr. Capital – in case it’s escaped your notice we do live within a capitalist system – which makes sense of your mate Chris Foster’s behaviour, and would Mr. Bragg’s if he did the same, as such suicidally acquisitive behaviour is perfectly in tune with the system. Accept it.

  14. ‘Wankers’…’Cunts’…’Impotent’…’Shrivelled little winkle’.

    It’s fairly obvious what concerns you – the loss, impending or current, of whatever sexual prowess you once enjoyed. I don’t need to be a psychoanalyst to work out you’ve some fairly serious sexual hang-ups. You’ll soon be relieved of your wealth once you’ve spent some time on the psychiatrist’s couch.

  15. I’m clearly a “tool” hey? And you find me crass, with the language you use? If any of my actions make me a tool it would be for trying to engage with you. Not only are you very deluded you are also very childish. I think Capi-boy rather than Mr Capital suits you much more. Well done on quoting Muriel Belcher, wasn’t she a productive and worthwhile character.

    I assume you meant we are “raging against the dying of the light” Dylan Thomas, not railing, you twit. I think that is more appropriate for greedy capitalists like yourself though, the party would appear to be coming to an end for those who are paid too much for what they do.

    I think you’d not be such a devoted capitalist if you were paid a justified wage for what you do. I personally would rather you had all been on the dole. It would have cost us all less if you lot had of been, rather than engaging in your make-believe economy that has screwed things for generations to come.

    As for getting you not being fat, when you grow up you’ll find your metabolism slows, then observe the spread. You may exercise now but as your mental health deteriorates more you’ll probably find yourself less inclined to do it.

    BTW everyone, here’s some footage from the Tomlinson memorial gathering of a police officer assaulting a woman. Some may find it ghastly, Capi-boy will probably have a wank to it.

  16. Guys guys, let’s not get in a huff over this. Let’s continue discuss trainers and haircuts like some posts below. You know, truly anarchist fare…yeah?

  17. Stop police brutality: Protesting is not a crime

    Protest 5pm, Thursday 16 April
    New Scotland Yard, 8 -10 Broadway, SW1H 0BG


  18. Heheh alleging sexual neuroses and citing Guardian articles… how very fucking predictable.


  19. What no more cheer leading for capitalism from you Capi-boy?

  20. Thank god for the Guardian – they’re questioning of the events at G20 would appear to have helped stop some serious deception by the police:

    The second postmortem has now revealed that the Mr Tomlinson did not die of a heart attack, but rather internal bleeding…The officer involved is being cautioned on manslaughter charges.

  21. Mr Capital, if you love capitalism so much why don’t you move to Russia!

  22. Ahahaha, or to China, the fastest and best implementation of capitalism ever!

  23. mr capitalist, you’re a real funny guy a modern day muckle john.
    cleave to your masters as tight as you can
    x x x

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