Evading Standards

A question: Do any journalists/ members of the media actually do any PROPER research? Or are they too busy rushing off caffeine fixes recovering from last nights hang over hoping to further their own personal careers?

The “notorious” Whitechapel Anarchist Group have “reformed”  and are led by the evil demagogue Ian Bone… MoooHahaha….

What can only be described as uncorrect, infactual, sensationalist lies have been filling the papers recently. Class War, Wombles, Reclaim The Streets and Wat Tyler have all secretly re-emerged!! Shock horror! Really..? Where is the evidence?? Why are people dragging up defunct, non-existent or bare bone groups from the past? Is it because so they don’t have to do any real research and present information in a truthful way?

Thanks to the press for giving us such limelight. If they had bothered to read this blog, where all the information on our group, public meetings, paper distributions etc has been presented openly in the public domain, then how can a group which only formed in October 08 be reforming? We just started you muppets! How is Ian Bone our “leader” when he has clearly stated on his blog for months that he is involved in the Croydon Anarchist Group? And don’t start us on the whole “leader” thing… Two words: “WIKIPEDIA” & “ANARCHIST”.

Yeah and we are really going to “Storm” the Bank Of England aren’t we? Has anyone actually seen the building?? The height of the walls, the thickness of the concrete, the massive iron doors… Even the military would have a job on their hands with that one. Oh hang on I did read the other day that anarchists have a “tank”!

Why has no one from the press even contacted W.A.G directly? Yet they’ve been really keen to throw our name around when it suits them. Is that deadline so urgent that real research goes out the window? But then what would the press gain from printing actual truth? Like the fact we are a recently formed local group, who regularly produce and distribute a popular paper, hold regular OPEN public meetings and social events such as a Cinema Cafe and History Pub Crawls, deal with actual bread and butter politics like housing, unemployment, antirascism, police harrassment etc which have a REAL effect on our own day to day lives, ultimately defending the rights and civil liberties of our communities, neighbours and class who are grossly exploited in this blatantly unfair system. But that wouldn’t sell any papers would it?

STOP PRESS: Animal Liberation Front have flooded the sewers with liberated minxes in a plan to drive the rats onto the streets of the City. Autonomists from Europe are riding on the backs of dolphins strapped with lazer guns to their heads up the River Thames. Anarchists have plants within the Metropolitian Police dressed in body armour ready to inflict blood curdlingly violence with tazers and batons on people wearing blue ties.

Thanks for calling that one through Leader Bone.

[The author of this blog would like to make explicitly clear to members of the Associated Press/ The Police Federation/ People suffering from a Sense Of Humour Bypass that a few jokes were used in the above statements.]


13 responses to “Evading Standards

  1. You cannot hope to bribe or twist –
    Thank God! – the British journalist.
    But seeing what the man will do
    Unbribed, there’s no occasion to.

  2. Hi,

    I’d like to interview someone for a piece I am putting together on tomorrow’s protests. If you’re interested, please get back to me at the above email address with a phone number I could reach you on.



  3. lucy- interview? do us a quaver will ya?

  4. you can quote me on that.

  5. Hey there,
    just sending love and solidarity for any actions people are involved in this week from some Mutineers here in Sydney.

    Actually, no i do have a couple of extra things…

    1) we put out a free anarchist zine here. Check it out at http://www.jura.org/mutiny. It would be very excellent if ya’ll would be interested in writing an article about the protests – some reportage, some analysis. We’d probably need it in about a week.

    2) Thought it worth mentioning in terms of international solidarity that the G20 met in Melbourne, Oz in 2006. There was a bit of a ruckus – a police van got trashed, some stuff was thrown, etc, etc. Anyway as a result one comrade is sitting in jail as i type, while 3 of us are finally about to go to trial starting on June 30th…

    Anyways, good luck and stay safe y’all.

  6. massive solidarity to our oz comrades!!!!!!!!

    one day we will all be famous.

  7. Thomas Harriman

    ‘One day we will be (Fuckin) famous’ , you self-servin twat , you don’t know the meanin of solidarity , a man died yesterday why aren’t we fuckin outraged about this , the actions of the police e.g. not letting anyone out resulted in a death and peaceful protesters were luanched into with fucking battons , there was no doubt in my mind that people who went there and caused violence mindlessly are a bunch of cocks but if your defending yourself then fair game

  8. “people who went there and caused violence mindlessly are a bunch of cocks” – oh, right i get it, you’re referrin to the cops here yeah?

    Oh wait no, unfortunately you probably aren’t. You, my friend are playing into their hands. You think capitalism and an authoritarian state are gonna roll over on their own accord? Did you see what happened in Greece a few months ago? Are you even looking at most of the rest of the world?

    You now would turn a moment of absolute despair into an attack on those you should be in arms with.Let go of this desperate infantile hope that the police aren’t really that bad and wouldn’t actually ever attack peaceful protesters. The state will and does daily crush all those who don’t fit into neat modes of production.

    Shit, i’m getting involved in an internet debate. I hate this, much prefer to talk it out face to face.

    I hope you’re all doing well and will be interested to hear more as details come out about the death of this person (whose name i haven’t yet even seen anywhere).


  9. police allowed the windows to be smashed so that the media could hype it up as anarchist violence. there were more press than anarchists at the event anyway.

    what happened to the footage of the police in riot gear beating and arresting sit down protesters?

    why is there no enquiry into the man killed by police yesterday? died of natural causes? i aint buying it.

  10. ThomasHarriman

    SourDough i only ment a small element of people who were obviously bent on havin a bit of a scrap trust me i know the type who like scrappin with police but admittedly the majority of the violence that errupted was in response to police brutality and the result of people becoming increasingly frustrated due to the policing tactics e.g. kettling ( which is a fuckin stupid tactic and also morally wrong as it deprives you of your democratic right to protest) i don’t want you gettin the wrong idea but you have to admitt some anarchist are young angry young men who like to fight ( my dad was one in the 80’s beofore priotised his motives)
    If you wanna find footage of the innocent protesters sitting down gettin attack , o on the guardian and look through there videos.

  11. Police illegally used already fukin vile ‘anti-terror’ laws to strip people of cameras and force people to delete footage and pics of the brutality at the climate camp. No-one was allowed to leave until they had done this. Hence next to no footage of that disgusting brutality is viewable.

    The enquiry should happen, the media may ignore the climate camp but i can’t see them ignoring the death though they will probably twist it into blaming so called ‘terrorist anarchists’

  12. How disappointing the day was… not enough protestors….too many journalists and police. Lets hope that is not the limit of the British publics discontent with the current system of domination.

  13. anything planned yet for may 1?

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