28th March 2009

(To watch the fully rally click HERE)

Police estimate 35,000 I think it was closer to 50,000, whatever it was thousands of protesters and a nearly a thousand anarchists came together not to protest war, but the very right of a government to put the concerns of wealth and privilege over those of the working people.

The media have called us animals, the word Anarchist rolls off the tongue of the journalist hack in unison with ‘scum’ and ‘degenerate’. They see us as thugs unable to think of a coherent anti capitalist ideology or as kids who only chant anarchist slogans when our parents remove the silver spoons from our jaws, parts of our own left think little better.

Saturday was our chance, not only to prove to ourselves that we can do more then small scale direct action but to stick two fingers up to the media that ignores the ideas of love and co-operation at the heart of anarchy and instead only shows our justified rage.

We embarrassed the pigs as well, they were itching for a fight to defend their ten million pound debt to the tax payer for policing us, we gave them nothing.

Instead of smashed skulls and pouring blood the only red seen was that of our flags crashing into a fresh breeze that saw the old flags dust beaten off and the gave the many new flags and banners a chance to breathe for the first time.

We marched in a bloc surround by police (though none dared to enter) over a thousand of us moved as one through the city together with Unionists, Marxists and Climate activists, until our block was split by the intrusion of cardboard horses and an annoying Samba band that forced the back half of the march to take on its snail like pace.

As our March finished Anarchists snubbed the repetitive speech’s of the Union leaders and SWP hacks to perform our own rally at speakers corner, the revolutionary tactic of an open mike was enacted where many seasoned and first time speakers gave timeless speech’s to an ever growing crowd.

In a desperate attempt to destroy our new found confidence the pigs attempted to intervene.

What can only be described as an agent provocateur walked up to our rally sporting a very nice mask, nothing unusual about a man in a mask amongst anarchists you say?, well there was on this day as most Anarch’s had taken down their hoods and loosened their neck wear to show their faces.

This hooded figure moved to the front of the crowd and dropped a black bag on the ground then skittered away. Some noticed that as this bag was planted a few Forward Intelligence Team Police began edging their way through the listening people. Inside the bag a large collection of powerful fishing catapults were found, quick thinking saw these chucked over a fence away from us, which was collected by a copper that didn’t even bother to check inside the bag. Cult film director, and friend to any Whitechapel Anarchist, Greg Hall voiced concerns to the crowd that the police were attempting to fit us up, and the rally should properly end.

Not happy at losing their chance to portray anarchists as violent thugs to the Sunday papers the pigs surround Greg Hall, moved him to away to a pack of police meat wagons and searched his persons (he describes the events at http://brokebutmakingfilms.blogspot.com). Luckily he made it away without any ‘evidence’ being planted on him.

March the 28th 2009, saw anarchists keep the peace despite the police provoking us and we tolerated the media slurs about our violent urges despite the anarchists not arriving in armored cars, carrying batons , shields, chemical spray, body armor or tazer’s.

We protested in peace, and held a lively rally free of confrontation.

But beware, as the summer of rage heats up, if our lives continue to worsen under the strain of providing an easy living to the ruling class and our outrage is not heard when we protest peacefully we will move on to more effective methods of resistance, and remember that there are only 3,500 met police with riot training, even at a shoddy protest we massively out number you.

In unity.


6 responses to “28th March 2009

  1. Only 800 cops with proper riot training, comrades! The rest are only pushy-shovy-scuffle trained!

  2. Thomas Harriman

    To dismiss the main rally as crap is a load of old bollocks , all you do is promote devisions , your shrill unfounded claims about police itchin for a fight is ungrounded , yeah there are a lotta cops who are twats who would like to crack a few skulls and some bosses up stairs who wouldn’t lose any sleep sendin in the riot police but on the whole the police i came into contact with were pleasants and greeted protesters with a smile , why are anarchist so bent on actin like a bunch of anti social teenagers who swear every second word , i wanna here more about your beliefs on how we could order society or a localised basis , for benefit of humanity and the enviroment , its not all bout how the police are a bunch of cock heads

  3. Thomas. Anarchists have alot of resentment not of police as *individual humans* but as an institution. Because your a copper doesn’t mean your a bad person. It means you are *much more likely* to display bad virtues such as blindly following orders to kill, harm and gather information on innocent individuals and enforce undemocratic laws without question and systematically undermine the freedoms of individuals. Can’t even drink a fukin can on the tube home from work even if i’m in silent as a mouse throughout my journey.

    Anarchists have tons of reasons as to why they oppose the police as an institution and many have stories of individual experiences that would chill your blood (this aint just anarchists as well). However, to explore all these would take a while longer than a blog post so i’ll just mention about march 28th cos it seems to interest you.

    Anarchists resented that they merely go to a a peaceful march the same as any other group and yet unlike all the other group our tiny bloc of 400 odd is systematically victimised, cordoned off, filmed, photographed, surrounded, followed, spied on and made to feel criminal simply by expressing a viewpoint. Not to mention the pathetic agent provocatuer clearly employed by the police, see-


    Do you begin to follow? I appreciate your frustrations. The first time i saw anarchists at protests covering their faces i thought like you ”bent on actin like a bunch of anti social teenagers” then when i became one and went to protest and was filmed, written about and photographed by just standing there with other anarchists in silence, peacefully i began to understand…

    I agree *some* cops greet people with a smile regardless of who they are. Good on them but they’re a minority and the fact is most cops don’t question what they’re told to do at all and are just slave like robots who if told SHOOT DEAD will not hesitate to shoot as you have seen only to clearly…

    ”yeah there are a lotta cops who are twats who would like to crack a few skulls and some bosses up stairs who wouldn’t lose any sleep sendin in the riot police” Agreed mate. BUT thing is, anarchists don’t rekon it’s just afew rotten apples. We see it as an institutional problem not just some bad cops if you get me.

    ”i wanna here more about your beliefs on how we could order society or a localised basis , for benefit of humanity and the enviroment” Good on you Thomas for showing an interest. If you mean anarchism in general there are tons of good websites and books you could get and people to talk to, if you mean whitechapel anarchist group specifically then i think they hold free public meetings so maybe show up and have a chat with them. I hope i explained abit there sorry if it was boring.

  4. Thomas Harriman

    Cheers mate , trust me ive heard some fuckin appualin stories about police my dad spent a night in a sell in genoa and was at Orgreave so i get you , i thought the police service was gettin better but then i went to london on April the First , enough said , i mean a man fucking died becuase no one could get in or out , the police are a lot less willing to batter the shit outta you now but still man the police force is still heavy handed

  5. I can not believe the met police’s policing of the group of G20 protests!! I did not see one decent batton charge, one single police man beating a smelly no job tree hugging (dole claiming) middle class uni graduate pretending to be working class over the head or even giving him a couple of sneaky digs in the ribs. disgusting. You can rest assured that i will be complaining to my media provider for my money back on this so called entertainment.

    I will also be contacting the met to voice my complaints at there lefty liberal policing policies that ruined my day.
    Can you guys organise another protest so the police can have another try??

  6. Epic fail ‘phil.’ Fuck off back to your mum’s gaping cunt and stay there you ignorant greasy waste of space. If you think you can do a ‘better job’ than cops why not come out and fukin face us then you pussy? It aint a laughing matter about the g20 either you weren’t there you cunt families and children were indiscriminatly beaten in the pacifist climate camp section and someone has died. You fond that funny? Come face us during the summer when protests will be erupting all the time i can assure you.

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