Signs Of The Times

On Sunday 15th March Whitechapel Anarchists were present in our usual spots on Brick lane handing out the last few copies of W.A.G Issue Two and the excellent “Storm The Banks” Posters / Freesheet.  They were warmly welcomed as 1,400 copies flew out with coffee shops displaying them (And giving us all free coffees – Thank you), the “illegal” market traders also proudly stuck them up, residents of the east end shared mutual stories of unemployment, pensions and current hard times that we are all facing, and one particular market trader screamed “Bash A Banker” for a good few hours!

It looks like quite a few people will be out on the streets during the Spring Offensive…

As well as the “Storm The Banks” Posters / Freesheet there are also some brilliant “We Are Your Crisis” flyers and posters produced available from Freedom Bookshop.

And these G20 Meltdown flyers advertising a massive street party are out now:

 Whitechapel Anarchists will again be back out on Brick Lane on SUNDAY 22ND MARCH roughly 11am-1pm. But also across London local groups and other anarchist organisations will be out in their manors in an unparralled unity handing out information on the Spring Offensive:

SATURDAY 21ST MARCH: STRATFORD – Action East End, CAMDEN 2pm – Camden Anarchist Group, CROYDON Whitgift Centre Alders 11am-1pm – Croydon Anarchist Group, HACKNEY – Hackney Solidarity Network. FRIDAY 20TH MARCH: WALTHAMSTOW MARKET 11am – Walthamstow Anarchist Group and WEDNESDAY 18TH MARCH: SHEPHERDS BUSH TUBE 6pm Anarchist Federation. 

During a recession with rising mass unemployment it is great to see the State spank our money on demonising the very people bearing the brunt of being poor. Why not let them know who the real crooks and thieves are? It’s great to see that the posters are being stuck over the “Targeting Benefit Thieves” posters. 

Even more heartwarming is seeing the Socialist Workers Posters being postered over with anarchist stuff! Oh and a little message left for them… “FUCK TROTS!”

It seems the tide really is changing…


4 responses to “Signs Of The Times

  1. Fuck the Trots – this isn’t any time for promoting devisions , ideologically you may differ but you are both fighting the same enermy , the times are volitile but you are not strong enough alone , the far left has to be united if its going to bring about any radical change , you have to show unity , thats the best tactic , if you are concerned about gaining more support amongst the general public , more vocal , more active , more numbers
    with much respect Tom Harriman

  2. It is inspiring to see an active anarchist group , witha functional website , who actually engages with the community , im coming down to speakers corner to listen to the arguements of the anarchist and perhaps sign up for April 1st

  3. Id like to distance myself from people who promote “a vanguard” in the working class the same grate ideals that lenin used.
    and i think that not agreeing with those people will help our standing with the general public. the general public have a name for them ” the student wankers party”.
    im sure theres some well meaning people in it but thier partys politics is bollocks.

  4. I don’t understand why “left unity” is so important. We should look for alternative ways to organize and act, and these might very well be autonomous/anonymous rather than united. I’d rather unite w/ those I share 100% of my views than start compromising right at the beginning.

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