The Spring Offensive…

Check out these info sheets / posters popping up at the moment. They are printed in Black and Red sized A3.



Great looking stuff!

For more information on the events being both billed as the “Spring Offensive” and “The Summer Of Rage” by various sources then check out G20 Meltdown.


4 responses to “The Spring Offensive…

  1. I love the photoshopped in Gherkin haha! Didn’t notice it at first, then I was like ‘Wait a second…’ 😀

  2. Hey WAG,

    Any chance you could link Last Hours on your blog?

    We are covering the G20 protests as fully as possible from an anti-authoritarian perspective and I thought some of your readers might be interested in the site!


  3. Is the original B&W image available in high-res anywhere? I want a copy…

  4. Brillant poster lads and ladettes , im coming down to london for the rally on march the 28th , thinkin of splitting from the main rally to go to speakers corner and listen to what anarchist in london are up to and find out bout April 1st , sounds like you gonna get some attention with some of the stuff you got planned , hope i can make it down , you actually gonna storm the banks , sounds mental , how far do you intend to go , he’s hoping you take london 😛

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