Kick Starting 2009

“Work is the curse of the drinking classes”

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday 31st for our Radical History Pub Crawl of the East End. A blinding night had by all, about fifty people at one point, trawling the streets of Whitechapel as a drunken and lively mob with an enjoyable history tour by Martin Wright. Thanks also to all the pubs and landlords/ladies who welcomed us warmly, some of whom didn’t want us to leave! Great to see so many old and new faces having a good time. Due to the success of the evening more events in a similar vein may be appearing again soon! 

For those interested in drinking and radical politics then please come along to the newly formed “Red & Black Club” at the Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross, Sunday 8th February 7pm. A place to chat, meet people, debate, drink, argue, brawl, laugh, cry, plot, plan and announce with like minded individuals from across London. This will be happening every second Sunday of the month. 

We will be heading up to the “Red & Black Club” on the 8th after our “Sunday Cinema Cafe” showing “Scum (TV Version)” at 2:30pm and “Clockwork Orange” at 3:45pm. Doors open 2pm L.A.R.C (London Action Resource Centre) 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel E1 1ES. Come along.

The year has kicked started with momentum, after the monthly meeting of the WAG group, it was decided after the success of producing and distributing 2000 copies of issue one of our free news sheet over Dec/Jan that issue two should steam ahead! We will be putting it together on the 5th February, after the buzz and positive feedback of issue one, it promises to be an exciting follow up issue. It will be at our local printers the next day, again 2000 copies, and it will be launched in mid-February. Date to be announced. Any articles or local news then please email to by the 5th! We will be back out on Bricklane, in our usual spots, alongside the market traders who make up the true spirit of the market, maintaining a precense against the intimidating tactics of the police and market inspectors who are trying to cleanse and gentrify the area for the upcoming Olympics. Make sure you get a copy of the highly anticipated new free sheet. And join us on the lane.

Also from the meeting you can expect in the next coming weeks and months a stall on bricklane, WAG T-Shirts & stickers, a big summer event, campaigns on housing, possible benefit gigs and more sunday cinema cafe! Our next big public meeting will be announced in the next paper. Probably around mid-march.

In the meantime if you want to get involved then the Library at L.A.R.C (London Action Resource Centre) 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, E1 1ES is open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1pm til 5pm. Pop by for a chat, cup of tea and a nose around the wide range of books.

In a brief round up of the past couple of weeks: Some of our number from WAG have been making a large precsene at the big London Demos to show solidarity with the people of Gaza. Check out the banner above. Read more on indymedia.

This has been an issue which has motivated a lot of local opposition. A strongly islamic demonstration started on Whitechapel High Street and can be seen here on Vallance Road.

And it seems some of the younger population of Whitechapel have taken a more direct approach when not under the constraint of their religious elders. Such as Tesco’s on Commercial Road having all of it’s windows smashed.

Starbucks was also petrol bombed which was followed up with an amusing investigation carried out by our comrades and friends from Space Hijackers.

Whatever is going on in the World you can be sure to see it play out in the streets of the East End before your very own eyes.


4 responses to “Kick Starting 2009

  1. do you actually think retail outlets being attacked by islamists because they have links to jewish people is funny? How about the Tesco delivery driver that was attacked in the area?

    I think you should delete the ‘militant anti fascists’ slogan from your banners. you seem to have sided with the fascists on this one.

    • All Islamists are Fascists?

      And do you have any sources to prove that Islamists attacked specifically Jewish people? Nah didn’t think so. All slanderous racist lies.

      Dan Martin, I deem you a complete and utter cunt.

  2. what a load of hypocrital arseholes you are. Yep go and get pissed smash up some corporate bigwig organisation and then queue up for your dole cheque funded from the taxed profits of those same organisations. Must be wonderful to be you. Fascist cunts

  3. Simon, you are amusing… but more importantly, you have unearthed this gem of a “whodunnit” poster which I hadn’t previously seen on here… that is what I call “propa propaganda” to paraphrase the great Benjamin Zephaniah… brilliant stuff WAGstas!
    PS for everyone’s information: “Islam” is not synonymous with “Islamist”. “Islam” is the name of a very popular religion with followers of every nation and race who are called “Muslims”. “IslamIST” means a particular sub section of Islam heavily influenced by a movement called Wahabism started by some very wealthy Saudi clerics, which has an extremely “fundamentalist” version of Islam which it seeks to impose on everyone else, Muslim or non Muslim, by coercive, violent or indeed terroristic means.
    Islamists are a small minority of the people who practice Islam.
    By the way I put “fundamentalist” in quotes because many Muslims would argue that a strict reading of the Koran does NOT support the arguments of the Islamists.
    Being opposed to Israel is not “anti semitic”. (A) Palestinians are “Semites” too; (B) Many Jews oppose Israel just as passionately as many Muslims do… although you wouldn’t know this if you rely on the media which NEVER seems to point out that EVERY recent protest against Israeli atrocities has included significant numbers of Jewish people. Some of em may even smash up a starbucks once in a while.

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