Police Harassment on Brick Lane

Sunday 7th December saw the launch of our free sheet on Brick Lane which was greeted by harassment from the Police.

They have been making life difficult for the “illegal” traders on the Lane, which is in fact the very life blood of the area. The systematic harassment seems to be working hand-in-hand with the gentrification of the area.

Handing out the paper on the 7th we were also faced with questioning, threats and physical confrontation from the Police but thankfully, due to the support of local traders, and the fact the cops were making our paper more popular, they decided to keep their distance while taking photographs. The reason behind this harassment was due to handing out a free local paper…

After handing out our free sheet at 1pm, the regular picket of fur shops on the Lane started at 2pm, at which several WAG members were present. This continuous campaign has faced increasing police repression and rose to new heights on Sunday and a member of WAG was a legal observer. The picket was violently rounded up by the Police Officers who took name and address details of people, and made a number of arrests.

Most worringly the legal observer was arrested and has been also charged for possession of illegal substances. These claims are without foundation. At the moment we cannot go into details but it is a disturbing sign of further harassment.

We are doing a London-wide call out for the SUNDAY 14TH DECEMBER for all people to come and support the Whitechapel Anarchist Group, the local market traders and the anti-fur demonstrators against this worrying systematic police bullying. We will be handing out papers on Brick Lane, Bethnal Green Road end, from 12pm. Please come along. Show your support and solidarity against this repressive behaviour. It is important to nip this sort of police oppression in the bud.


5 responses to “Police Harassment on Brick Lane

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  2. Look at their faces, its almost like a cartoon, or maybe a graphic novel by Frank Miller.

    Its disgusting, their insecurities are so pronounced in their faces. White middle aged men, with one woman in the picture to enable them to procreate.

    Lets spray the town Red.

  3. and who the fuck are you btw

  4. fuck btw, btw fuck?

    Wow look at that, what a coincidence. Are you a somebody on here? a seperated twin perhaps! Ive found you!

    Will you be in BrickLane today at 1400? Il be wearing an orange cap!

  5. Just to make clear, that photos isn’t from Brick Lane (he says not being involved, but know London enough).

    Hopefully people know that they don’t have to give name & address unless arrested & at police station, or very specific circumstances. See legal links at http://earthfirst.org.uk/actionreports/contacts


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