Free Sheet OUT NOW and news on the BNP

The Free Sheet finally arrived on thursday and sunday saw a couple of us handing them out on Bricklane. They seemed to go down a treat and the feedback off people was great. We are all really looking forward to the meeting on the 23rd to form the group. So get involved. Disturbing news also that the BNP (British Nazi Party) are planning to re-open their tower hamlets branch in Bethnal Green so the timing to form a local anarchist group could not be better. We must stop these nasty hate mongers infecting our communities and remember the wonderful traditions of working class anti-fascist solidarity. Did they not learn from the Battle Of Cable Street???

The Free Sheet will be available for the next month being distributed on Bricklane every sunday. Also copies can be picked up from Freedom Bookshop, Larc and Ramparts (See links on the side). As well as at the Sunday Cinema Cafe on 28th September and 12th October (2-6pm see flyer in previous post) and also at the Anarchist Book fair on Saturday 18th October (Again see links on the side).

Free Sheet Cover:

Free Sheet Centre Pages:

Free Sheet Back:


4 responses to “Free Sheet OUT NOW and news on the BNP

  1. well done ,an excellent first newsletter/freesheet, very inspiring.
    however my beer gut is not at all odd.

  2. Maybe I missed it but do you have a PDF version of the freesheet to download?

  3. Hey great newsheet!
    Can we get some down here at the South London anarcho place!!

  4. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade

    we’re with Dave, can we get a PDF?

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