A Brief Welcome

This is the first post from the loosely knit Whitechapel Anarchist Group (Commonly known as Wag) which is currently forming over the next couple of weeks. We will be bringing out a local free sheet in mid-september which will be an open invitation towards properly forming the group at a meeting on Thursday 23rd October, open for anyone based in and around Whitechapel who considers themselves an anarchist or interested in direct local politics with an aversion to political parties and hierarchical leadership . More details will follow in the free sheet which will be published on this blog and distributed over the next couple of weeks on brick lane and in the local area. You will also be able to get copies at L.A.R.C, RampARTS and Freedom Press from mid-september. In the meantime please feel free to email us at whitechapelanarchists@riseup.net if you would like to get involved.

We have just recently created a “Whitechapel Anarchist Group” Youtube Channel which we hope will grow with a diversity of content, from archive footage to local reports, once the group is properly formed in October. Check out the first video installment which is a viral trailer for the Class War Bonfire Party (7pm London Fields Hackney Weds 5th Nov 2008). 

Also if you would like to pick up a copy of the free sheet and maybe meet some of us interested in forming a Whitechapel Anarchist Group then please come along to our “Sunday Cinema Cafe” on 28th September and 12th October. Details on the flyer below.

The final opportunity to catch the free sheet and meet like minded locals will be at the Anarchist Book Fair on Saturday 18th October, 10am to 7pm, Queen Mary and Westfield College, Mile End Road E1.

Some of the ambitions for those wanting to form a “Whitechapel Anarchist Group” are to create and distribute a local free sheet along with setting up a stall on brick lane, running a cinema cafe/ social on sundays, making video content for the youtube channel and possibly setting up a regular radio/ podcast show, commemorating the local anarchist and socialist history in a “Red And Black Plaque” Campaign (Details to come in the free sheet!), organise against gentrification and the forthcoming Olympics in 2012. All of this and more will be discussed at our first meeting on Thursday 23rd October. Details to follow. Come along.


4 responses to “A Brief Welcome

  1. Nice one, I’ll put a link up on the Death Brigade blog.

  2. Very nice choice of graphics too!

  3. Though in my neck of the woods, WAG is a phrase politicians and civil servants use to refer to the Welsh Assembly Government.

  4. Hope that the first meeting goes down a storm. Good Luck.

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